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Founded in 1975, Lite-On Technology has steadily grown into one of the world's largest optoelectronic component manufacturers. Thanks to our ample resources, we have been able to produce extensive optoelectronic product lines including White LEDs, SMD LED Lamps, LED Displays, Photo Couplers, Infrared Components, etc., and are a proven leader in total optoelectronic components solutions.

Our optoelectronic components products are widely renowned and utilized by leading corporations of information products, consumer electronics, and communication equipment. Products cover a wide range of application: indicators and displays in household electronic appliances, backlights in personal handheld devices and IT products, active and passive lights in car electronics, optical sensors (proximity sensors, ambient light sensors) for mobile devices, and light sources for everyday and special purposes.

Building on our professional packaging designs and sophisticated manufacturing experience, Lite-On not only provides customers with high-quality optoelectronic components solutions but also constantly pursues the development of high-performance and low-pollutant light sources, which is one of our major goals.

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