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【Product Release】U Series High Power Infrared (IR) LEDs


Introduction of U Series High Power Infrared (IR) LEDs

 Effective: Mar 20th , 2017


Lite-On Technology Corp. (Lite-On) today announced the introduction of U series high power Infrared (IR) LEDs.

The new enhanced high power IR LEDs is designed as a high power IR light source with minimum values ranging from 100mW/Sr to 320mW/Sr. The LEDs have long performance life despite being able to withstand high driving current.

 All products in the U series comes in 3838package and meets RoHS and Green Product standards.

 Based on their needs, customers will also be able to choose from a wide range of options within the series which covers different wavelength, view angle and brightness level.

 The parts introduced in the U series include:

Part No. λp(nm) View Angle
2 θ1/2
Radiation Intensity Ie
 LTE-R38381S-S-U 940  90  320@IF=1mA min.
 LTE-R38381S-ZF-U 940  150  160@IF=1mA min.
 LTE-R38381-STR-U 940  90  120@IF=1mA typ.
 LTE-R38386A-S-U 850  90  400@IF=1mA typ.
 LTE-R38386A-ZF-U 850   150  200@IF=1mA typ.
 LTE-R38386S-S-U 850   90  320@IF=1mA min.
 LTE-R38386S-ZF-U 850   150  270@IF=1mA typ.

 *Click Part No. to link Data Sheet 

 “With the introduction of the U series, Lite-On will continue to the fore-runner in providing reliable IR illumination to many applications including Surveillance Camera, facial recognition system and IR synchronizing.” said Art Chieh, Head of Sensor Solutions Division at Lite-On.

 Samples and production quantities of the U series high power IR LEDs are available now with lead times of 10 weeks.


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