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LITE-ON Launch Worldwide Highest Power UVC LED “W35” for Disinfection Applications.


Highest Power UVC LED “W35” for Disinfection Applications



LITE-ON Technology Corp. (LITE-ON) announces the release of a new series of High Power UVC LED, W35 equipping with 270~280nm single chip breaks the record to achieve 130mW at 350mA, about 6V driving condition. W35 UVC LED Series boasts superb performance with compact 3.5x3.5mm package size and allows customer drive up to 600mA to get 220mW energy output with more and less 4 Watts electricity power consumption. LITE-ON has developed innovative and cutting-edge packaging technology to improve UVC light-extraction efficiency by 40% more than conventional package solution, not only reply on UVC chip technology breakthrough.

LITE-ON currently served the consumer water 2 liters/min system by 2 pieces of UVC LED G35 (80mW@600mA) solution. The G35 solution has already been proven to exhibit disinfection performance of >99.99%. Now the advanced and innovative package W35 can realize the same level reliable disinfection performance but with 46% less thermal dissipation. The W35 will be promoted among target customers after relative patent filed, the introduction of new W35 UVC LED marks another milestone for UVC LED in flowing water disinfection applications.

LITE-ON offer a wide range of ultraviolet LEDs from 275nm (UVC) to 430nm (UVA) in various power options. All LITE-ON’s UV LEDs achieve the IP58 rating and have been tested to provide enough operation life time in end product applications. LITE-ON’s UVC LEDs provide tremendous value for disinfection applications such as for water, air and surface.

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